New updated website!

After a few weeks (or months) I just finished updating my website, here. With new color, new pictures of course. I’m happy cause I have to do it all by my self, have to learn the design program, web software, until it become finished web site. It’s not comparable with other super website, just love to know that I can do it. 

Let’s start with this story, I use to have dream to become a musician, a guitar player back in my country Indonesia. Then after couple bands in high school, play for some parties and at church, it comes to, I’m alone. I can’t find any musician partner since I arrived here in United States. With the digital camera era growing, I decided to choose photography. In my college time I did take photography class, bought my first camera Yashica 108 manual SLR, take more ugly picture, then I put it down, stays with music, bought a lot of electric guitar equipments. Now since I hooked with photography, I have sold most of my equipment except my beloved Fender Stratocaster. Now is all about camera (but I still play guitar, first love never die).

Why I choose Nikon over the other brand like Canon? Well both are great SLR camera, no doubt great picture, quality, and supports. It’s the control in my hand that makes me choose Nikon, I found myself easy to work with Nikon in my hand. Even then I found out that Nikon lens price is higher than most Canon. I have no choice. Like some says, buying a camera system is like marrying it, buy it and live with it. You can’t have 2 system (thought some have both). 
My first DSLR is Nikon D300, great camera, I have it for 8 months then I trade it for D700. Great camera, except it is heavy, plus if you have high end lens which is also heavy, get start to build your muscle strength. Then my photography life begin, I’ll post more stuff here, review some places, links, etc. I thank you for your time to check out my web and blog.

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